The Master’s table September 2019

My Dear Brn∴,

Here is a couple of news from your Bavaria Lodge No. 935 in “mostly sunny” Munich.

Well, first of all (and you might have guessed that already) there´s a new “Sheriff in town”:

On the 5th of Sept. 2019 in our Temple, a very special Open Installation ceremony, led by our Grand Master and witnessed by Brn∴ from at least four different lodges around the country and esteemed guests/family took place.

What can I tell you about the evening?

Even if only few days have gone by, it is still very hard to find a proper way to describe everything that happened that night…

I could mention the fact that the “Saints” came “marching in”, while playing with their kazoos accompained by a blues guitar; or that the 160.60 Euros we found in the widow’s trunk went to the GM’s charity program for a terminally ill children’s hospice…

… or just start over by telling you the story of the time the GM conferred a much deserved BEHIVE AWARD to three of our “all-degrees-of-worshipful” Brethern; and he himself received from us the honorary “welcome back” membership of our lodge…

But that wouldn’t even give you the slightest idea of the “magic” that was in the air…

So let me just say this: as newly appointed Master, I am proud to be part of this lodge for many reasons but most of all because of its Cosmopolitan nature.

Bavaria, as a brother from the US reminded us from far away some months ago, is a lodge where Brn∴ of mostly military background from both sides of the iron curtain met in the 80s and talked to one another in harmony while managing to organize a donut sale whose fruits still persist to this day!

It is my intention to make it grow further and stronger, as a safe space where any Brother can bring and share his ideas under the starry sky.

It is an honor to have been chosen to serve such a diverse, interesting and actually quite fun-to-hang-out-with group of human beings!

Please swing by anytime you want and check it out for yourselves.