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What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a fraternity, not a religion - As a fraternal association dedicated to making good men better, Freemasonry respects the religious beliefs of all its members. Freemasonry has no theology and does not teach any method of salvation. In particular it does not claim that good works guarantee salvation. Click on the video on the left or the button below to experience more about Freemasonry.


Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

Events highlights

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Annual Thanksgiving dinner with Bavaria Shrine Club

Summer Socials

Annual Summer Social in Augustiner Beergarden.

ACGL Communication

ACGL Annual and Semi-annual Communication

How to become a Mason

If you do not know anyone who is a Mason, just contact the lodge. Click on one of the links below for more information.


You can receive an online petition for membership per E-mail from your local lodge.


Three members will meet with you to answer your questions and getting to know you better.


Your petition will be presented for ballot. If accepted, you will be notified to receive the 1st of 3 Degrees of Masonry.

In our 45+ Years Of Existance

Since the existence of Bavaria Lodge 935, we have been part of Freemasonry with impressive numbers!

Our new regalia

We recently purchased new regalia for our lodge. If you are interested to purchase items, please get in touch by sending an email to the address displayed on the top of this page. Click on the menu item "SHOP" for more information.


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